FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Could you describe your products?


We offer complete car body kit. We stock the best quality front bumpers and rear bumpers, and other tuning parts like spoilers, eyebrows, side skirts, wide arches, grills, front splitters, lip spoilers and many, many more.

We offer low prices and fast postage.

Made of high quality GRP (glass reinforced plastic)

Car styling Body Kits - Two or three parts change the appearance of your vehicle: Front and Rear bumpers, Spoiler - and you get a very different image of the car.

Energy, sports, which has not lost in the flow.

Body Kits spoilers and styling bumpers brings your car Exclusive and Uniquely design.

We proudly present you a new line of the products with an unique styling and a perfect quality.

They were fitted on cars which guarantees their perfect adhesion.

Thanks to the modern technology and long-term experience we guarantee 100% satisfaction from the purchased product.

All our products are attractively priced.


What is included?

  • Mesh not included but we already have mesh in stock. 
  • Spotlights not included.
  • Body Kits and styling bumpers become not painted.



Any details about fitting and spraying?


Professional fitting recommended.

 We highly recommend that you have any body styling products professionally installed by a body shop with experience installing aftermarket body kits.


Your body shop should test fit all body panels on the vehicle BEFORE sanding, drilling, filling, cutting, painting, or otherwise modifying it.

Email us if you need good fitting service for products what we have in offer. Our garage is in Bushey. They offer spraying and fitting service.

They do not worry work with fiber glass parts and what is good: competitive price!


Are there any specific instructions I should give to my installer?


 A well-qualified body shop should have no problem installing our body kit.

You might want to tell them that they should test fit all part before modifying or prepping them, as body kits are not returnable if modified in any way.


Do the body kits come pre-drilled?


Body kits are not "bolt-on" items.

They're designed to be custom-fit to the vehicle by an installation professional.

Your body shop will test fit the body kit on your car and then notch, cut, or drill the kit to make it fit your car properly


Do the kits come prepped and primed?


Body kits are unfinished items and must be sanded and primed before painting.

Body kits are gel-coated at the factory, so they tend to require less prep work prior to painting than other kits.
Carbon fiber kits, of course, are finished items and require no finish at all.


Will my new body kit fit perfectly?


Yes, if you have it installed at a reputable body shop with experience installing aftermarket body kits.

Out of the box, a 200 GBP body kit is not going to fit as perfectly as a 2,000 GBP body kit, but a qualified installer will have no problem making it fit and look its absolute best.


Will my installer need to make any modifications to my car in order to make the body kit fit?


This depends on the body kit.

Some kits include front and rear lips or bumper add-ons which don't require any modifications other than drilling holes at mounting points.

Some kits with full bumpers simply replace your factory bumpers, and some kits require modification or removal of bumper supports.


What about if I will receive item with minor cracks, scuffs or scratches?


Here at TopBodyKit, we have to make you (the customer) aware that if you are purchasing a fiberglass bodystyling item we will not tolerate refusal, returns or extra bodyshop charges for minor cracks, scuffs or scratches.

 Fiberglass is a delicate material and is very flexible. Transit from us to our customers can result in minor problems but you must accept this before you purchase any item.



What about if I will receive item which has been aggressively damaged?


In the event that an item has been aggressively damaged, TopBodyKit will co-operate with you in full to refund or replace the item, as long as the mail order shipping terms have been followed.



How long will take to get your item?


Usually Posted Via: Royal Mail, Parcel Force, TNT. We ship accessories all across Europe .

Estimate Mainland Delivery Time Is 2-5 Working Days After Payment Is Cleared. If item is in stock.
International Delivery Time Depends On The Country & Customs Clearance.  
Goods from 100 GBP only via TNT and you can request TNT tracking number.
If we do not have an item in the stock than we send it after 10 working days. Sometimes can be longer.

TopBodyKit asks all customers to contact us by either email - - or by phone - 078 665 771 30 - before paying for any order online.

We ask you to do this so you can check our stock levels first and receive notification on whether the item you would like to purchase is in stock or not.

We do not keep all items in the store, only the best-selling products.

The rest of the items are on request only.
You must pay for the item in advance. We will then place an order with the factory.

 Predicted production time is 2-3 working days.
 Then finished products are sent to us from the factory each Friday.


  TopBodyKits Terms and Conditions:


In the event that an item does not fit correctly or is damaged, we will need photo evidence to show the problem.

This can be sent via email or via post. 

Once the evidence has been received, we can then make judgement on the refund or replacement.

 Please make sure that all parts are checked for fitment BEFORE any work is carried out.

If any work is undertaken to any item i.e sanding down, priming, we can no longer accept these goods back for refund or replacement.

All goods have to be returned in the original condition they were despatched.

 It is very important all goods are checked for fitment BEFORE any work is carried out.

Please be aware that some items may need modifying slightly to fit your car and we recommend that all bodystyling items, sold by us, are fitted by a professional bodyshop.

 We can only accept the word of a professional bodyshop for fitment problems and any items not taken to a bodyshop will not be considered for return or replacements.


Mail Order Terms and Conditions:


For all mail order items that you have received from either our premises or our suppliers premises, we insist that all items are checked for damage before they are signed for.

 If any product is found to be damaged upon delivery, the driver must be informed and a record of the damage placed on the signatory sheet.

If any goods are delivered damaged by the courier, and not recorded damaged in front of the driver, then TopBodyKit cannot determine whether the customer/transport company is responsible for the damage.

The goods can only be returned back to us in a re-saleable condition.

It is the customers duty to look after any parts once in their possession and no parts can be returned, if found to of been modified i.e sanding, priming or painting.

This is due to the parts becoming un-reuseable.

TopBodyKit also insists that you do NOT book any time off work to accept delivery of any goods ordered from our company or book your car into a garage/bodyshop for work concerning your ordered items.

As TopBodyKit offers a carrier service for all items sold, we cannot, and will not, be held responsible for the carrier companies making mistakes and goods not arriving on time.